The Judeo Christian Concept Of An Agreement Between

If we recognize that Christianity has historically produced anti-Semitism, this so-called tradition appears as a dangerous Christian dogma (at least from the Jewish point of view). For Christians, the concept of a Judeo-Christian tradition comfortably suggests that Judaism passes to Christianity – that Judaism is somehow accomplished in Christianity. The concept of a Judeo-Christian tradition derives from the Christian theology of the superposition, where Christian union (or testament) with God succeeds the Jew. Christianity, according to this faith, reformed and replaced Judaism. Faith therefore implies, first, that Judaism needs reform and replacement, and secondly that modern Judaism remains only a „relic“. In particular, belief in the Judeo-Christian tradition insidiously masks the real and significant differences between Judaism and Christianity. [18] The term Judeo-Christian is used to group Christianity and Judaism, either with regard to the derivation of Christianity from Judaism, the common use of the Bible by both religions or because of perceived parallels or similarities and common values between the two religions. After the Holocaust, „there was a revolution in Christian theology in America. […] The biggest change in Christian attitude towards the Jewish people since Constantine converted the Roman Empire. [10] The rise of Christian Zionism, the religious Christian interest and the support of the State of Israel, as well as the rise of philosemitism have increased interest in Judaism among American evangelicals, and this interest is particularly focused on the areas of communion between the doctrines of Judaism and their own beliefs.

In the late 1940s, evangelical supporters of the new Judeo-Christian approach called on Washington to provide diplomatic support to the new state of Israel. On the other hand, in the late 1960s, Protestant denominations and the National Council of Churches showed more support for Palestinians than Israelis. [11] Interest and positive attitude towards America`s Judeo-Christian tradition have become the mainstream among evangelicals. [12] The attitude of the Jewish community to this concept is mixed.