Which Statement About The Purchase And Sale Agreement For Vacant Land Is False

(a) Renewable rents b) Lease Wholesale c) Index Lease d) Leading Indicator Lease 4) In what terms of the contract would the term of the lease be outlined? 5) In what provision would a lessor describe what activities can take place on the ground? (a) by oral agreements. b) handwritten notes. c) use of pre-printed drivers. (d) the use of a change plan. 9) Sellers Glen and Jill close their sale next week. How do they know how much money they will receive from the sale? 6) The mark earns $185,000 a year and pays $2,200 a month for a destabilized apartment. What`s the truth? 6) In which section of contract could you use the real estate address? a) Sara cannot fulfill this contract legally. b) it can fulfill the contract, but it cannot recover the serious money deposit. c) Sara can use a binder, but not a sales contract.

(d) it may use this contract as long as it contains a lawyer`s review clause. a) This action is perfectly legal in New York. b) The standard may enter into leases as long as a lawyer is co-signed. c) brokers are not allowed to enter into leases in which they are not involved. (d) Brokers have the right to enter into any lease, subject to the agreement of all parties. a) Purchase price of the property b) The amount of the mortgage c) The purchase price minus the serious cash contribution d) The seller`s profit at the sale 8) What is an important legal feature of a call option? a) Reception b) Sale contract c) Contract (d) Offer to purchase (a) A borrower may not be entitled to a conventional loan unless he can make a 20% down payment. b) Private mortgage insurance is available for DHA loans. c) A borrower can request the cancellation of PK payments if the equity is 20% of the purchase price. d) A lender may continue to withdraw PK payments until the owner`s equity reaches 25%. 11) What are the following that does not apply to reverse mortgages? What statement about the contract to buy and sell empty land is false? The agreement gives buyers time to gather information on whether or not they can pay development costs.

6) An owner`s insurance usually covers everything but which one? 4) Tim and Laura signed a sales contract with a mortgage emergency clause. They are not trying to get a loan, and as the approval period approaches, they tell their agent that they cannot get credit. What is TRUE`s statement? 6) Broker Amanda prepares a sales contract, collects serious money and deposits it into her account. What is TRUE`s statement? 3) Borrower Jake was late with his mortgage and the lender demanded that the loan be paid in full. What is the mortgage credit characteristic? The agreement stipulates that all lands must be subdivided. 8) Owner Frank announced Jerry`s lease because gross sales did not meet expectations. Jerry accepted what kind of lease? 5) For what type of loans is the payment allocated only to interest? 6) Buyers Jim and Jan conclude this month on a home.