Actra Mip Agreement

The PPI sets out the conditions and rates applicable to online and off-camera performers operating in Canadian productions, with the exception of British Columbia, which operates under a separate collective agreement. The current 2016-18 contract expires on December 31. The agreement in principle is now subject to ratification by ACRA and the members of the CMPA and AQPM boards of directors. „After two other important agreements with directors and crew over the past few months, this agreement demonstrates the commitment we share with stakeholders to maintain stability and predictability in the face of tumultuous changes in the Canadian screen industry,“ said Warren Ross, Vice President of National Industrial Relations and CMPA Senior Council. , in a press release. „We thank our negotiators at AQPM and ACTRA for their tireless work to achieve this common goal that benefits not only our entire sector, but in particular Canadian public opinion.“ „With one of the best performance agreements in the world, our goal is always to reach a fair agreement with improved working conditions for our hard-working members,“ said Stephen Waddell, Managing Director of Negotiator and Actra`s National Executive Director. „At a time when many workers are facing the back of work, our members will see higher wages and better protection in the workplace.“ The organization negotiates, protects and promotes the professional rights of its members. It also strives to increase employment opportunities for its members and to encourage policy change at local, regional and federal levels. In July 2005, ACTRA and United SteelWorkers announced that the two unions had entered into a strategic alliance to integrate the globalization of the cultural industry and address a number of common problems.

[2] ACTRA is made up of professional actors, models (video only), singers, stuntmen and other television and radio actors. Prestigious members are: each year, ACTRA`s offices award the ACTRA Awards throughout the country, some of which are awarded for performances, while others are awarded for union activism and contributions to the sector. ACTRA chapters will present the ACTRA Awards to honour the best Canadian radio and television programs in their local productions. Cara became the Canadian Radio and Television Artists Association, the Canadian Council of Authors and Artists, the Canadian Television and Radio Artists Association and, in 1984, the Alliance of Canadian Film, Television and Radio Artists. The Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists (ACTRA), the Canadian Media Producers Association (CMPA) and the Association québécoise de production des médias (AQPM) have signed a new three-year independent production agreement (IAP). ACTRA is affiliated with the Canadian Labour Congress and the International Federation of Professionals. The earliest form of the organization represented radio artists in Toronto in the 1940s. This organization was called RATS: the Radio Artists of Toronto Society.

The Canadian Radio Artists Association (CIAA) was created in 1943 with the participation of groups from other Canadian cities. The Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists (ACTRA) is a Canadian union representing artistic artists in the English-language media. I tried to give a face to those who often suffer in silence. I hope I succeeded. The song was produced by Conn-Shawnery at Studio Conn-Soul in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Text/vocals by Sylvia Stewart….