Austrac Enterprise Agreement 2019

At present, the Agency does not have a lease agreement that requires the company to restore the premises to their original state. The renovation provision relates to the cost of cleaning empty rental spaces (2015: n il). The majority of AUSTRAC employees are members of the Commonwealth Superannuation Scheme (CSS), the Public Sector Superannuation Scheme (pSS) or the pSS accumulation plan (pSSap). A small number of employees are members of staff-appointed pension funds, as required by the AUSTRAC Enterprise Agreement. Negotiating and implementing the 2016-2019 Enterprise Agreement These annual and previous reports are available online at corporate publications and reports/annual business reports. Our facility focuses on more flexible technology platforms for AUSTRAC to work with partner agencies and industry to improve financial intelligence. The technology and criminal threat environment are constantly changing and require a more agile business and engineering architecture. At the time of the agreement, Westpac also acknowledged „approximately 76,000 additional offences that extend the initial claim of damage,“ Austrac said. Site And annual report visit the AUSTRAC website at The 2015-16 business plan is used as the base year for performance indicators, so that we can further improve and refine performance measures. Our business capacity plans and individual performance and development agreements support the business plan and ensure that everyone can see in the Agency how their efforts contribute to our strategic direction and vision for the future. Information on the number of SeS employees and non-SeS covered by the agreements, etc.

covered by paragraph 17AG (4) c). Mandatory For annual report requests, please contact: freedoM of InforMAtion institutions subject to the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (foI Act) are required to make the information available to the public as part of the Information Programme (IPS). This requirement is part II of the FoI Act and replaced the previous requirement to publish a „Section 8“ statement in an annual report.