By What Name Do We Know The Peace Agreement

Amira Hass wrote that the deal was the product of the Palestinian Authority`s continued neglect in relations with the United Arab Emirates. According to the hatred, diplomatic relations were severed by the PLO in 2012 to reject the UAE`s good relations with Mohammed Dahlan, the political enemy of PLO President Mahmoud Abbas. The NAP`s hostility towards the UAE continued until June 2020, when the PLO refused aid sent by the UAE during the COVID-19 pandemic, on the grounds that it had been sent without prior agreement and via an Israeli airport. Hatred is a PLO that is more concerned with domestic politics than governance and contributes to economic decline and strained foreign relations. [124] Reaffirming its faith in the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations and recognizing its right and commitment to live in peace among themselves and with all States, within secure and recognized borders; The Parties recognise the important role of science, technology and innovation in the growth of several key sectors and strengthen action and cooperation on scientific and technological progress. Such access shall be granted under the same conditions as generally apply to ships and cargoes of other nations. The Contracting Parties shall, where appropriate, conclude agreements and agreements in maritime matters. .