Maksud Dengan Gentlemen Agreement Dalam Proses Perumusan Pancasila

PPKI met the next day on August 18. At that meeting, there was the last amendment to the Constitution presented by bpUPKI a month earlier. The change took place during the opening with „Pancasila“. The seven words of the first commandment, „God, with the obligation to commit Islamic law for his disciples“ are changed to „The True God.“ The changes seem trivial, but they have a huge impact. Since the adoption of the decree of 5 July 1959, all the laws that replace the 1945 Constitution, namely the SIF Constitution and the Provisional Constitution of 1950, which came into force after the Natsir Integral Motion, are no longer valid. The Constitution, which had been 90% finalized by the Constituent Assembly, was also adopted. Finally, the decree paves the way for the revision of the 1945 Constitution of the 18 August agreement. However, in the text of the new staging of the 1945 Constitution, there is a clause that is a form of accommodation by Sukarno against Islamist groups, abandoned since the events of August 18, 1945 and the failure of the Constituent Assembly. The clause is: „Let us believe that the Jakarta Charter of 22 June 1945 animates the 1945 Constitution and that it is a unit with the Constitution.“ The largest Islamist group on this change is the largest. They considered that the gentlemen`s agreement, agreed by mutual agreement, was resolved only within the framework of a close space for dialogue between nine ppki members. Yet Muslims, as good citizens of the nation, continue to observe pigs. The spaces that allow Muslims to rehabilitate the interests of the exploited are best used. The constituency is the most open space for this.

Unfortunately, the Constituent Assembly finally had to fail because of the authoritarianism of Sukarno, which imposed the decree on 5 July 1959. The acceptance of Ki Bagus Hadikusuma`s „seven word“ had an impact on the atmosphere and conditions that had been tense for some time. The adoption also facilitated the official meeting of Indonesia`s Independence Preparatory Committee. The last PPKI meeting unanimously adopted the red-red amendment to the Jakarta Charter. As we know, Pancasila`s final formulation is: (1) The True God; (2) A just and civilized humanity; (3) Indonesian unit; (4) Populism, led by wisdom in representative consultation; (5) Social justice for all Indonesians. This process of redactional change has become an important event for the success of the nation`s founders, who practice the soul of a nation ready to be independent, to accept differences and to present the interests of coexistence as a nation that aspires to the freedom of colonialism.